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Third Peril Rules


General Rules:

  • Primary Members must be 18 or older. Family of Primary Members under the age of 18 (Secondary Members) may join and remain in the community provided the primary member remains in good standing in the community. Secondary Member whitelist access to servers is done on an individual basis per server. This is due to the fact that some servers may have content that is not approved or desired for all ages so the Primary Member has discretion as to which servers they want the Secondary Member to have access to. Primary Members also accept full responsibility for the actions of any Secondary Member added at their request.
  • Respect all community members at all times. We are all here to have fun and disrespect towards other members of the community will not be tolerated. 
  • The use of racist, sexist, anti-theistic, politically offensive/sensitive, or otherwise offensive speech is not permitted at any time This includes text, voice, graphics, pictures, etc... posted, said, or otherwise expressed in Discord, in game voice/text, or any other medium owned or managed by Third Peril.
  • While this is primarily an adult community, our families including children, are permitted to join and participate in the gaming community experience. Due to this, profanity, sexual content, vulgar language, and any other content or actions inappropriate for children is not permitted in general text or voice channels be it in game, Discord, or other places that would be publicly viewable by all community members. There are designated NSFW text and voice channels that this type of content is permitted in within reason. Builds, items, or other in game items or images that would fit this restriction are permitted within your base provided they are not visible by other players who may randomly come across your base while exploring (IE, put it inside, not out in the open).
  • Do not argue with or disrespect community staff. Our staff are all volunteers who give up their time to help better the community. If you have an issue with a member of our staff, please report it to our Admin Management Team (AMT).
  • Do not ask to become staff. Our AMT hand picks our staff as needed from active and trusted community members. Asking to become staff is a surefire way to ensure you do not get it.


In Game Rules:

  • No griefing, stealing, or otherwise damaging/destroying anything that isn't yours. Just because something isn't protected does not mean it is fair game. Basically, if it is not yours, leave it alone unless you have explicit permission to do so.
  • Do not harass other players. If you enter their base/area and they ask you to leave, you must do so. 
  • The use of mods, hacks, game edits, or anything that gives you an unfair advantage over other players or the environment ARE NOT permitted at any time.
  • RDM/VDM (Killing of random players without their consent) is not permitted. If you and your friend(s) want to have battles with each other, that is perfectly fine but all parties involved must be in agreement.
  • Bugs/errors happen. If you encounter a bug or have an issue with something that is not working properly, please submit a bug report so it can be addressed. Please remember, it can take time for our dev team to investigate, reproduce, diagnose, and resolve these issues so please be patient.
  • The build of structures, items, etc... which cause a negative impact on the server (IE Lag) is not allowed. If your base, item, etc... is found to be causing problems, lag, server or client crashes, you will be asked to address it. 


Donation Rules:

  • First of all, nobody is required to donate to help support Third Peril to be a member of the community and play on our servers but if you choose to do so, your support is greatly appreciated. Maintaining a gaming community is expensive so donations are important to keeping the community going as well as enabling our ability to add new features, servers, and games to the community. 
  • While becoming a donor/supporter does come with certain perks in the game servers (perks vary by server), it does not grant you permission to violate any of our rules. If you are believed to be in violation of the rules, your situation will be investigated and handled exactly the same as every other situation.
  • All donations are FINAL. If you leave the community, by choice or removed for rule violations, you are not entitled to a refund of your donation.


These rules are not intended to be all inclusive and subject to change at any time.

Staff has the final say in all matters.