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Third Peril Mission Statement


Have you ever been on a server playing your game and grinding away one day and then it’s gone the next? Not here. We are comprised of three strong and active gamers. Each of us bring special abilities and a unique skill set to the table. Not only do we play video games and Dungeons and Dragons, we also have active RP and other gaming endeavors.  

With all this going on we have established that we are here to create a community and a server network to bring all gaming styles together. No matter what your favorite game is we are going to have a few different gaming adventures available. Suggestions are welcome and we all have different backgrounds and play styles. There will also be other opportunities to play together in our Discord. Join today!

Ultimately, we are here to provide a safe and stable gaming environment for our members. We see a need for this as we personally needed a stable community with active members that we can count on to provide quality modded pack builds for games that we enjoy and gaming adventures that will fit our needs as well as others.