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We use Red Protect to handle land claims so you can protect your base from griefing. While claiming your base to protect it is highly recommended, it is not required. Remember, just because someone's base is not claimed/protected does not mean you are allowed to raid, grief, steal, or otherwise mess with it. 

To make this easier, we have put together a little demonstration video to show you how to get started with your claim.


  • At this time, players are allowed unlimited claim blocks but if this is abused, this will be restricted. DO NOT go running around claiming every cool/useful structure you find just so you can save it for later. You should only claim your base or work areas. 
  • To claim your area, you have two options.
    • Option 1
      • Surround your base with rectangular or square fences or redstone (for fences, use vanilla oak fences)
      • Put a sign on the fence or next to the redstone and write [rp] on the first line.
      • Leave the second line blank or put a name for your region.
      • Lines 3 and 4 can be used to add other friends as leaders to your claim. (You can also add others to your claim later via commands which is an easier option as adding multiple or long usernames on signs is not always an option.
    • Option 2
      • Use the command /rp wand to get the claim wand tool (currently a Minecraft Glass Bottle). 
      • While holding the wand tool, choose one corner by right clicking and then the opposite corner by left clicking to define a square/rectangular region. (Y level is not important for this, just the two opposing corners at whatever level you can get to them at.)
      • The basic command to create a claim at this point is /rp claim but you can also do /rp claim [NameOfRegion] [AdditionalOwner] (do not use they [ ]'s as they just indicate an optional argument in the command).
  • To add others to your claim use the options below.
    • To add a player to your claim as an admin use /rp addadmin [username]
    • To add a player to your claim as a member use /rp addmember [username]
    • To remove a member from your claim use /rp removemember [username]
    • To remove a one of your claim admins use /rp removeadmin [username]
    • All the above commands should be ran while standing INSIDE the claim you want to affect.


For more extensive control of your claims, feel free to check out the Red Protect Wiki on their GitHub page. (Not all commands will be available to players on all servers but the majority of player claim commands should be available. If you encounter a function listed in the wiki that you are unable to do in the server, please contact a staff member or submit a support request via our Discord.
Red Protect Wiki